Put a Stop to Corruption and Backroom Deals in the Courthouse! Vote Guy Ward for County Commissioner!!!

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Guy Ward is running for Marion County Commission to improve the local economy and to put an end to the corruption and backroom deals in the Courthouse.

On August15, 2023, Guy Ward sued the Marion County Commission for violating the Government Opens Meetings Act and Won!

The suit stemmed from a meeting of the Marion County Commission held on April 26, 2023, which accused Commissioners Ernie VanGilder and Robert DeVaul for colluding and voting to hire DeVaul’s best friend thus violating the Government Open Meetings Act by holding private conversations with the intention of transacting public business and making decisions that eventually became official action.

This kind of thing is nothing new for Commissioner VanGilder. According to reliable sources, since February of 2023, there has been an ongoing investigation that is being headed up by the Commission on Special Investigations. The CSI is a special branch of the state government assigned to investigating public corruption!

According to State Code (§6B-2-5), a public official or public employee may not knowingly and intentionally use his or her office or the prestige of his or her office for his or her own private gain or that of another person.

Here are just some of the allegations made against him:
• It’s alleged that VanGilder allowed a contractor friend of his to illegally take county property worth thousands of dollars from the County Election Center.
• It’s alleged that VanGilder illegally acquired property at a real estate tax sale for a fraction of the value by giving a blank check to an individual to purchase it and who believed it to be a loan and then deceiving this person into transferring it to an LLC that was controlled by him.
• It’s alleged that VanGilder used his influence to get government grants from the Industrial Access Road fund to improve a road in Hoglick Hollow and thus increasing the value of property that he owns in that area.
• It’s alleged that after taking office in 2013, sales to the County from his business, V&W Electric, increased by as much as 94%.
• It’s alleged that VanGilder created the position of Marion County Economic Development Director and hired a good friend of his in return for a personal favor.

Put a Stop to Corruption in the Marion County Courthouse and the Backroom Deals by Commissioner Ernie VanGilder! Vote Guy Ward for Marion County Commission!

In addition, Delegate Guy Ward will use his experience and connections to create a business-friendly environment such as he did in the Town of White Hall that jumpstarted the economy in that part of the county. He will use his expertise to bring in new businesses and jobs to the entire county.