Mike Caputo Voted to Defund Fairmont State University by over 2.6 Million!

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From 2013 through 2016, Mike Caputo voted to defund Fairmont State University by over 2.6 Million dollars! In addition, Mike Caputo voted to defund West Virginia University by over $18 Million dollars during the same time period!

This is all true and a list of the bills below prove it. However, back during the 2018 campaign, Delegate Caputo and Delegate Angelucci had the nerve to say that Delegate Guy Ward voted to defund Fairmont State in 2017. So, what were they talking about? They were referring to the annual budget, which practically all spending units in 2017 took a cut because the revenue projections weren’t there to support more, but that wasn’t true for all the years Delegate Caputo voted for cuts to both Fairmont State University and West Virginia University.

Delegate Caputo and Delegate Angelucci also failed to mention that Delegate Ward was instrumental in stopping most of the cuts to Fairmont State University in 2017. The original budget called for much higher cuts but Delegate Ward, along with several other fellow Republicans, held out until the cuts were minimized to higher education. The final cuts were only 24% of the original request by the Governor saving the University over a million dollars.

Don’t believe the misinformation and falsehoods that my Democrats opponents may tell you. For instance, Mike Caputo, who is now running for State Senate, is spreading misinformation about charter schools. Carter schools will not raise your taxes. As a matter of fact, they could lower your taxes according to this article: How Charter Schools Could Lower Your Property Tax.