We Can’t Go Back to the Obama Years

Guy WardNews, Quick Reads

Personal income growth in West Virginia during 2013 was only 1.5% – the lowest in the nation – and about half the national average of 2.6%. Overall income growth in West Virginia in the previous 30 years under Democratic control had been only 13% (about one-third of the national average of 37%). Wages of the impoverished bottom 1% income earners decreased by 3%, compared to the national average for the bottom 1% income earners which increased 19%.

But then in 2014, both Houses in the West Virginia State Legislature flipped to Republican. A lot of good changes happened in those first two years with the Republicans in control. Then in 2016, Donald Trump was elected President and things really took off for West Virginia. Our State began to see a rise in wage growth, new jobs, a spike in the GDP, and increased revenue in the State budget without any increases in taxes.

The latest employment numbers for September 2018 show that West Virginia continues to experience job increases over the same point last year. Total Nonfarm Payroll Employment is up by 5,900 jobs, Private Sector Employment had a net gain of 4,400, Manufacturing had a net gain of 300, Construction had a net gain of 1,900, Educational & Health Services had a net gain of 2,500.

Do we want to go back to the days when Barack Obama was President? Here’s a one minute video that says it all.